Unique And Impressive Living Room Design

Living room is the most vital area in home. This is the place where your guest come and enjoy some times with you. Thus, to create a good and unforgetable impression is a must. There are some design that is amazing for the living room. It can be elegant, modern or classic one.

An elegant living room can be created by combining strip sofa and big rounded table. Also placed an armchair around it. Cover the wooden floor under the table with yellow-grey carpet. To create a better lighting, some big windows behind the sofa is recommended. Also add a little plant in the corner to make it fresher.

The modern one, can be created by combining white chair with table glass in grey wall. Put a big plasma TV with sound system and hanging lamp. Also put a plant in the corner and a big picture to make it more artistics. Other option is a big brown sofa, near the glass door combining with the wooden floor.

Lastly is the classic design. Put a big brown sofa with the wooden table in the center of the room. In the corner behind them, place two big shelfs to keep the book inside. In the middle of it, put a big picture and wall lighting. To add more classic touch, colour the wall with brown flower pattern. All design is good for you.