Super Modern European Fireplace Functional And Beautiful As Well

A classic fireplace made from brick with a chimney is very popular, even until right now. But currently, more home designer has invent a new concept of fireplace. Thus, it does not only focus on its function to give warmth, but also to give beauty. European concept is considered as the best among all, it is very modern and artistics.

The first one is a fireplace with French taste. This innovative fireplace is stick on the wall, with black white and orange iron frame. The shape is also various. A pyramid fireplace in a table is also the marvelous one. All of them is well place in family room with large window, wooden floor and white sofa in low lighting. Gathering with family will feel very warm with that design.

The second one is the Italian taste fireplace. This fireplace does not stick on the wall, yet it a hanging fireplace. Its chimney hangs from ceiling and has various colours, red, blue, turqoise and classic brown. Big rounded fireplace is also one of the enviable fireplace. It is very elegang and beautiful. Those Italian fireplace is well matched with a modern room design. A simple futuristics chair or black sofa is a good choice.