Salt And Pepper Shaker Unique Decoration In Dining Table

Vase of flower or bucket of fruit is not the only thing to decorate dinng table. Another elements, such as Salt and Pepper shaker can be a fresh and unique alternative to make your table much more beautiful. Simply choose the unique model of it, and match it with the concept you want. Here are some fancy salt and pepper shaker that can be your inspiration.

If you are an animal lover, there are some cute animal model for you table. Couple of deers, angry dog, white cute kitty or polcadot cow can be an option. If you are a traveller, allocate your time to find a catchy salt and pepper shaker of famous building in that country. Eiffel, tokyo or big bang tower is amazing. Otherwise is you are a music addict, there are also some salt and pepper shaker collection of guitar and stereo. Try to find other instrument too

Couple of angel and demon or yin and yang will also looks great in your table. More unique shakers is shaped very looks like a cigarrete. There is also one who immitates bottle of vodka or wyne. Choose one that you like and make it as a collection to decorate your dining table.