Interior Design History Of Oval Office Inside The White House

White house, an official office of President, is a very well-know building in US. From the outside, there is never be a significant change of its architecture. But deep inside, the change in inevitably. Rspecially in the oval office, where the president work.

President Howard and President Hardigs in more that decades ago prefered classics interior on its best. A very simple interior by putting a luxurious working table and big arm chair proved that. President Rosevelt also had the same taste with them. On his presidential time, oval room did not change a lot but a big curtain behind the desk. A little change was made by President Trumman in 1945. He applied a grayish tint and famous by his motto on the table “The buck stots here”. More red sofa for guests also added near the working desk.

President Eissenhower also changed the grayish into the blue touch. His artistic taste resembled trought the number of pictures on the wall. Next periode, President John F Kennedy change the floor into red, well matched with white wall and other luxurious furniture. This concept, later changed by President Nixon, who put a mini golf are in the building. What about now? Presidents Obama has a good taste by changing the room in gold and yellow colour a long with gold sofa and yellow-blue armchair.