German Kitchen A Simple And Modern Interior Design

Simplicity is the best art. This is something that the German people believe, incluiding when decorating their house, spesifically kitchen. Simple and modern interior design is mostly applied in the German architecture recently. Altought it is simple, yet it is very outstanding among other design .

The main characteristic of German kitchen is to combine it with the dining room. The dining room itself can be a table with some chairs around or a mini bar. The table and chair is mostly located in the middle of the room as the center of attention. The material is mostly the combination of wood and iron material. Brown and white is the favourite colour for both. Otherwise, bar as a dining room usually intertwine with the choper table. Iron stools under grey or brown colour are suggested.

Different from French kitchen , the Germanian prefer cabinet instead of sideboard. The cabinet it placed either along with the big oven or under the sink. The iron material is also more prefferd instead of wood. The colour for the wall is mostly white, matching also with the white floor. Other more vocal colour is red. In general, it looks more simple and modern.