Courtyard Inside Of The House Get You Closer To Nature

Green and fresh is now becoming a trend in interior design architecture. The purpose is nothing but bring you to get close to the nature. But now, it is quiet hard to find enough space to create a courtyard outside of the house. Interior courtyard in the house is a good solution for that. It relatively doesn’t need a large space and still get you closer to the nature.

Basically, there are two concept of interior courtyard, the modern and the traditional one. The modern interior courtyard looks a lot more simple. You can either choose to use wooden floor or grass, or even creating a small indoor pool. If you choose the wooden floor material, combine it with the soft brown sofa and put some plants around. On the other hand, you can also really create the yard by putting the grass and some plants inside of your house. Near the garage or kitchen will be an excellent place. even you can make it as a dining room. Lastly, a small indoor pool is also fascinating. Combine it with the marmer wall and wooden material. Above all, low light is more suggested.

The second concept is the tradiitional interior courtyard. Principally, it adopt the theme of certain country to your courtyard. Japanesse or India theme is the favourite. Strengthening the sense by adding the Jappanesse or Indianesse ornament, such as sclupture in the middle of the plants.