Country House With A Unique Shape And Elegant Details

Polish this house has a unique design and simple impressed. Nevertheless, the shape and color of the house is very comfortable and beautiful to enjoy. Extensive and beautiful grounds of the strengths of this house that adds to the cool and minimalist look. In the dining room there is a dining table and chairs decorations are unique and elegant. Cups, dishes, and other household furniture models wearing the classic era.

Coupled with the campfire wrapped with artistic wall make this room becomes exotic. Wall and roof lights still wear ancient architect and is still paved with wood floors become its own attraction to this home. At the living room there are two sofas upholstered thin colored detail adds color and beauty in it. The colorful lights and unique vase contained herein. Inside this room seem brighter because there are two large windows surrounding it.

The distance between the living room and the dining room is narrow but still could be overcome with the house style of the form itself. The shape of this house is very minimalist so does the distance between the space is very narrow. This does not make this house to be bad or not worth uninhabited because the texture is very minimalist home form. Fill in this house very much and it made for a no empty space that is not occupied.

For example, there is a small empty space between the dining room and living room are filled with classical piano. The bedrooms in this house is very comfortable with classical decoration in the wall. All the walls in each room has a very beautiful wall hangings that add comfort in it. Upstairs barn into storage of goods that are not used. Warehouses are very clean and delicious to behold.