Clic American Wallpaper A Real Vintage Touch

After have many discussion about Italian and French Design, a new fresh reference for your house now come from America. This powerful country is not inly famous by its economy, but its architecture and design is amazing as well. A classic American Wallpaper is one of the most voal element to present beauty in a vintage concept house.

In general, classic American wallpaper is very rich of colour and furnish. So, bare in mind that the choice of the wallpaper should match the colour of home furniture or else. A colourfull wallpaper in green, yellow, and orange with red flower as its motive intermix very well with a dark green table. Along lounge chair also in green, make it as a perfect living room. Some pictures in golden frame is strengthening the vintage looks.

Elsewhere, a red and vocal dining room also can be build up under this American wallpaper. A red wallpaper with an elegant crane motive is excellent. Combine it with the amchair in exactly the same colour and motives. Choose the wooden table with a carving oranament and put a big bucket of sunflower on the table. One last touch is also a red carpet under the table. It looks very vintage and beutiful. Apply this wallpaper in the bedroom will also recommended. But choose the soft colour, brown caramel will be marvelous.