Burj Al Arab Bring Back Arabian Kingdom In Modern Concept

Standing proudly in the center of Dubai, Burj Al-Arab is the most prestigious hotel in the world. No other reason but the fact that it is the only seven star hotel on earth. High room rate is worth the service and experience of being there. Its interior design is more than wonderful. It makes the customer feels like they are in the Arabian Kingdom, luxurious in a strong Arabian Touch.

There are several room suite in Burj Al Arab, which are Deluxe, Royal, and presidential suite. Each of the room is decorated with a wonderful concept. In deluxe royal, there are two beds. Entering this room, there is a big and luxurious stairs as the center of attention, along with the pillars with carved ornament. This room is so beautiful in combination of orange, gold, and white.

Royal suite is even more amazing. Wrapped in red, gold and burgundy, in combination with luxurious furniture makes it realy looks like King’s room. The king size bedroom is the vocal point. It is realy big and surrounded by craved pillars. The last one is presidential room, which is more marvelous with its mini private pool and Jaquzzi.
Burj Al Arab also provide various facility in a wonderful interior design, ballroom with a giant aquarium, spa and health club, restaurant all in Arabian concept. Amazingly, there is a helipad that can be sonvert into a tenis arena.